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git_logo_compScared of git because of the options and switches you may need to remember? Try hub, developed primarily with GitHub users in mind. It simplifies the syntax of many common git commands and integrates well with GitHub repositories.

hub provides shortcuts for the following (at the time of writing):

  • git clone
  • git remote add
  • git fetch
  • git cherry-pick
  • git am, git apply
  • git fork
  • git pull-request
  • git checkout
  • git merge
  • git create
  • git init
  • git push
  • git browse
  • git compare
  • git submodule
  • git ci-status
  • git help

For example:

$ hub clone jarun/markit
//expands to
$ git clone git://
$ hub remote add jarun
//expands to
$ git remote add jarun git://

Refer the project page for details and examples on all the commands (link below).


Download the latest pre-compiled binary for your architecture. hub works best when it is aliased as git.

Display instructions for the current shell:

$ hub alias
//-s outputs a script for eval
$ hub alias -s

Add the following to your .bash_profile:

eval "$(hub alias -s)"

hub provides shell tab completion scripts for bash and zsh shells.

Webpage: hub

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