Geeknote: Evernote from the terminal


Off late I prefer using GitHub Gist for my notes. For confidential or temporary stuff that I do not want to store on a server I use note or Laverna. However, I have friends and colleagues who use Evernote all the time. Evernote doesn’t have a official client for Linux. Here’s an unofficial one which is light and gives you the freedom to use your favourite text editor on Linux.

Geeknote is a console based Evernote client written in python. It supports the following:

  • Use your preferred editor – nano, vi, vim, mcedit…
  • Create, edit, search notes
  • Notebook and tags
  • Read note from the console
  • Sync directories and files with Evernote (file is transferred as plaintext)

Geeknote provides a number of easy to remember cmdline options. Check the documentation for a step by step guide on usage.

To install and launch Geeknote:

$ git clone git://
$ cd geeknote
$ sudo python install
$ geeknote login

Webpage: Geeknote

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