Predestination (2014)

I am afraid I fell for the word time-travel and watched this movie only to discover I wasted at least half an hour of my life. Predestination heavily copy-pastes elements from many such time-travel movies which try to retroactively abort some past incident that causes misfortune in the future. Add to it multiple personality disorder and sexual complexities. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so awful had the directors spent less effort in establishing the fact that the protagonist was hell-bent on joining a certain space program. And of course a lot of reduction in the “Not me” prequels. In the end it became the sad story of a loner girl who turns into a male genocidal criminal. It’s all too far fetched and stretched even for a time-travel movie. The end tries to justify things by adding some intellectual flavour in the name of a paradox but you might lose your patience by that time. The original author of the book (Robert Heinlein) probably wanted to mock the time-travel cliché but the directors took all the wrong sub-stories too seriously. The result is a complex ending with a overwhelmingly lengthy and slow beginning. My rating would be 6/10.

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