GitLab: open source GitHub clone

GitHub is the most popular development platform among open source developers. The ease of use and interface the provides on top of the robust and complex version control system Git is amazing. However, the service is a commercial one for paid or larger projects. However, organizations all around the world (around 100,000 of them) use its open source clone – GitLab Community Edition to setup their own version control system.

GitLab is written in Ruby on Rails. Features include:

  • Activity stream
  • File browser
  • Git powered WiKi
  • Powerful code review
  • Issue management
  • Code snippets
  • Web hooks
  • and more…

The community edition can be downloaded free of cost and deployed on a server. GitLab also has its own hosting service. It offers unlimited private or public repositories and unlimited number of private collaborators.

The community edition packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Raspbian.

Webpage: GitLab HQ

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