Play HD video on Pi and watch on TV

raspberry_pi_compRecently I connected my Raspberry 1 Pi (Model B) board to watch up to 1080p HD videos on my TV. I can control the XMBC interface using TV remote. It’s a quicker way than connecting your laptop to your TV. The videos can be stored on a USB pen drive. Here’s a no-brainer guide to do the same from Linux. Nothing fancy and anyone can do it easily.


  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B powered using the micro USB (again connected to TV)
  • Class 6 SD card of 2GB or greater capacity
  • A TV with HDMI capability
  • 1 USB flash drive to store your video files


  1. Download Raspbmc latest Standalone Image.
  2. Extract the file
    $ gunzip raspbmc-2014-11-24.img.gz
  3. Attach the SD card t your laptop and write the image on the card
    $ sudo dd bs=4M if=sd.img of=/dev/mmcblk0
    //where mmcblk0 is the SD card device node
    //double check using 'fdisk -lu' command
  4. Connect Pi and TV using HDMI cable
  5. Attach the USB flash drive (with videos) to Pi
  6. Power on Pi using the Micro USB cable from any source

Once Pi powers on, it will configure Raspbmc. This may take up to 5 minutes and is a one time operation. Once the boot procedure is complete you will be greeted with the XMBC screen on the TV screen.

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