BinChunker: convert .bin/.cue cd images to ISO

cool_penguin_smallStill have some of those bin/raw and cue files lying around? You can convert them to the more popular ISO format using BinChunker. The name of the package is bchunk. It is open source and free.


$ bchunk input.bin input.cue output.iso

Useful options include:

-v  Verbose mode
-r  Raw mode for MODE2/2352: write all 2352 bytes from offset 0 (VCD/MPEG)
-p  PSX mode for MODE2/2352: write 2336 bytes from offset 24
    (default MODE2/2352 mode writes 2048 bytes from offset 24)
-w  Output audio files in WAV format
-s  swabaudio: swap byte order in audio tracks

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install bchunk

Webpage: BinChunker

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