Telegram-Purple: Telegram plugin for Pidgin

telegram_compWe visited Telegram in one of our earlier articles. It is a secured WhatsApp alternative with APIs available for implementing clients on various platforms. Telegram already has multiple unofficial clients (like Sigram). But many Linux users would love the capability to communicate with Telegram contacts right from Pidgin, a popular multi-protocol chat client. Telegram-Purple is a fresh Pidgin plugin that adds Telegram support to Pidgin using libpurple.

The development is still in the early stages and basic functionality is ready. Current functional features include:

  • Chats/Group-Chats
    > Send/receive messages
    > Discover buddies/chats
    > Discover buddy state and info
  • Profile Pictures
    > Download and use profile pictures
  • Adium Plugin

Features planned:

  • Encrypted chats
  • Picture, audio and video messages
  • File transfers
  • Geo-locations
  • Multiple accounts on one client
  • Respect libpurple proxy settings (implemented but untested)

To install the plugin on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install telegram-purple

When you open Pidgin the next time, Telegram plugin will show up in the list of supported protocols. Use your phone number as the username. A verification SMS will be sent to the number. You’ll see a prompt asking for the code. Enter it and you are done.

Webpage: Telegram-Purple

3 thoughts on “Telegram-Purple: Telegram plugin for Pidgin”

  1. Guys, how to delete this telegram-purple from Ubuntu 16.04?
    I used dummy account when asked to register (which I don’t remember at the moment) and the soft is set under snap folder in home user.
    I used usual Linux commands apt-get remove –purge etc but no use and I cant remove this soft from my laptop.

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