Pawnmail: free email hosting for custom domains

internet-mailPawnmail offers 2 GB space free for your emails. This is particularly helpful for WordPress users who can add separate email hosting for their custom domains.

The procedure is simple – register your custom domain with Pawnmail and edit your domain’s DNS record to add Pawnmail’s MX record. It may take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect. Once the record is updated, you can log in and set up email accounts and aliases.

You can view the emails using the web client or use a local client with Pawnmail’s POP3, IMAP and SMTP settings.

Pawnmail’s privacy policy is disturbing. The author says he will never read others’ email which is not really comforting. In addition it is based in the US and are only used in the event of a legal order or search warrant in the jurisdiction in Tennessee, United States.

If you think you can live with that, go ahead and sign up your domain.

Webpage: Pawnmail

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