Silicon Valley (2014-) [TV Series]

Just completed the first season of Silicon Valley, a fresh HBO TV series following a small group of software techies. It does look promising! Some brilliant acting with a lot of fun served in the same dish. The story is a fast one with the characters given enough time to express who they are. There is a drawback though. I could relate closely as I belong to the domain. However, it might not be the case with people who are not acquainted with start-ups or at least the IT industry. Some of the terms like Scrum or Beta testing might not appeal to people from other fields. But the IT crowd is not a small one and I think it makes a strong audience for Silicon Valley.

The writers are innovative and introduced fictitious companies and concepts like Hooli or the Weissman Score which adds to the charm of the series. I think it’s way better than the latest seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Despite the comedy and small-talk, Silicon Valley does not sway from the realities of the tech industry, rather it exposes the problems techies faces in their professional lives. Come on! Who didn’t have a overbearing boss or a bunch of backstabbing colleagues if they are more than 5 years in tech?

Waiting for a befitting season 2!

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