Backup Gmail email as EML

gmail_compThere are times when you might want to backup a mail directly from Gmail and send it as an attachment in a different thread instead of forwarding the original mail. While almost every email client would have options to save or export the mails locally, Gmail web interface doesn’t have such an option. However, the mails can be saved easily in EML format locally. To do that:

  • Click on any mail to expand it.
  • Select the down arrow (More) and click on Show original.
  • The mail will open in another page.
  • If you are on any modern browser like Firefox, you can save the page as mailbackup.eml.
  • Otherwise select the full page content, copy and paste in a text editor and save it as mailbackup.eml.

This takes care of attachments too. If you want to view the mail locally you can open it in a mail client like Thunderbird or Sylpheed.

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