Polarr: online image editor

image_editor_compOver a long time Pixlr has been my favourite online editor to quickly edit images for this website. Came across a brand new gorgeous looking online image editor today – Polarr. Polarr boasts of powerful editing capabilities with a collaborative approach.

Let’s take a look:

  • Social approach to photo editing where you can share your style.
  • Full-featured image editing capabilities.
  • Create, manage in albums and share immediately after editing.
  • Offers a paid storage option – Polarr Box.
  • It has powerful features available in the industry standard editor Adobe Lightroom.

The editor loads quickly and includes options to:

  • Import/export photos
  • Create a dynamic style
  • Show transformed image in thumbnails below small image
  • A clean interface where you can find the options quickly
  • The image transformations can be seen visually while applying using sliders
  • Large number of image transformations options to challenge any pro-grade image editor

Polarr offers powerful image transformations and can apply those reasonably fast:

  • Zoom, rotate, vertical/original crop
  • Basic options:
    > temperature
    > tint, exposure
    > gamma
    > contrast
    > saturation
    > clarity
  • Lights and shadows:
    > highlights
    > shadows
    > whites
    > blacks
  • HSL colour channels
  • Colour curves and tones
  • Lens Physics:
    > sharpness
    > de-noise
    > fix barrel
    > fix pincushion
    > vignette
  • Artificial distortions
    > lens fringe
    > grain
    > 3 way colour tone
  • Local Adjustment
  • Edit watermark text

Webpage: Polarr

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