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notepadIf you stick to the terminal most of your time, you might like a console-based utility to save your notes. We explored console based note managers note and nodau in an earlier article. Memo falls in the same category. You can add short notes and manipulate them whenever you want. Here are some common use cases:

  • To add a note:
    $ memo -a "Here's a new note."
  • To show all notes:
    $ memo -s
    //This shows the note number in the first column
  • To search for a note:
    $ memo -f search_string
    //-F to use regular expressions
  • To edit a note, you need to delete it first and then edit:
    $ memo -d 1 -a "My edited note.."

Memo is only suitable for quick casual notes because it does not have any integration with a text editor per se. So it’s difficult to maintain long notes with Memo. It doesn’t seem to support encryption either. Though there are some tips and options for conky integration and exporting to html that doesn’t help the fact that the app is just too simple and it’s easier to maintain a text file and edit it with vi rather that installing an additional software. However, this is the current stage and Memo is a very fresh app released last week… we can expect new features from the developer. As of now, Memo works well as a simple ToDo list manager.

You have to build Memo from source to use it. The dependencies are minimal. To compile and run it, download the source code and run the following commands:

$ make
$ make install
$ memo

Webpage: Memo

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