Hive: unlimited storage with HD streaming

hive_compUpdate: Hive tricked users with the words free premium. As we can see now, they have re-termed it as free trial and is deleting the accounts of free premium users if they do not pay and upgrade. Don’t fall for it.

Hive, technically has been teasing us over a year. And finally it’s in Beta and unlocked! Hive is a new cloud storage for storing all your documents (audio, video, docs) but the main point of sale is that it allows storing and streaming HD videos. All the premium features are fully unlocked during the beta. And if you can get more than 100 friends through referrals you get premium for free lifetime.


  • Premium or not, it offers unlimited storage space (yes!).
  • Add up to 50GB every week.
  • Max file size 20GB.
  • Supports all regular video file formats.
  • Picks up subtitles if present with video.
  • Supports BitTorrent magnet links (paste a magnet link and the web-based app will download the file).
  • Transfer files from your Dropbox to Hive!
  • Download from Hive to local system.
  • Create and lock directories for privacy.

Premium features include:

  • Stream high quality music and crystal clear HD video.
  • Uncapped download and streaming speeds. Use full bandwidth.
  • Enjoy Hive ad-free.
  • The premium plan gets cheaper with more friends you have:
    > $9 with less than 10 friends
    > $6 with 10+ friends
    > $3 with 50+ friends
    > $0 with 100+ friends!!!

Hive has a beautiful easy to manage interface. Join using my referral below so that both of us are one step closer towards the free premium.

Webpage: Hive (removed link)

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