XOS: build your own OS

xos_compXOS (eXperimental Operating System) is a instructional open source project for wannabe OS developers. The project aims to teach the techniques of writing a OS using a simulated machine termed XSM (eXperimental String Machine). The language for the core OS implementation is SPL (System Programmer’s Language) and application programs, which run on the OS, are programmed using APL (Application Programmer’s Language).

The steps to build the system (from checking out the development base to a shell) is chalked out in the ROADMAP. The task is to follow the steps and keep building the system. There are well defined specifications for the operating system, filesystem, XSM, SPL and APL.

The 4 software components needed for the development are:

  • XSM Simulator
  • XFS Interface
  • SPL Compiler
  • APL Compiler

All of these can be downloaded from the downloads page. Setup instructions are available in the ROADMAP. Development can be done on any Linux based operating system with GCC, Flex and Bison installed.

Webpage: XOS

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