Customized SMPlayer configuration file

I use SMPlayer on Linux for playing audio and video. It is a GUI front-end for the multimedia player MPlayer. MPlayer can play just about any format and SMPlayer exposes some powerful options of MPlayer in the GUI.

Over my years of SMPlayer usage I had been adding and tweaking several preferences for the best possible audio-visual experience on my hardware. It’s about time I give it a publicity boost. The settings are saved in the configuration file smplayer.ini. Here are some of my preferences:

  • Compact Mode with Mini GUI
  • No auto-resize, remember position and size
  • Only one instance of SMPlayer
  • Logs and update check disabled
  • Press Esc to quit SMPlayer
  • Allow frame drop
  • Threads for decoding MPEG-1/2 and H.264: 1
  • Start playing from beginning
  • Video output driver: gl (fast)
  • Video quality: 6
  • Double buffering
  • Disable screensaver
  • Audio driver: alsa
  • Equalizer enabled with high bass and medium treble (global)
  • 2 (Stereo) channels by default
  • Global volume
  • Software volume control with 120 amplification
  • Volume normalisation by default
  • Local file cache 2048KB
  • Subtitle download language: English

I have uploaded my smplayer.ini here. Take a backup of your existing smplayer.ini and replace with mine to check if it works for you. The smplayer.ini resides in:


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