Mackup: cross-workstation app settings sync

cloud_compHow does it feel to install the same applications across several systems and them do the same configuration changes for a uniform experience? Boring, right? Mackup is the solution to this situation. Mackup syncs application setting files across several devices automatically so that users need not bother about it. Features:

  • Backs up the settings to Dropbox or Google Drive or even Git
  • Syncs your application settings among all your workstations
  • Restores your configuration on any fresh install in one command
  • Revert any synced config file to its original state
  • Supports many applications, both CLI and GUI based (shouldn’t be very difficult to add new ones)
  • Works on Linux and Mac

The application creates a directory under your Dropbox local directory and syncs the files to and from there.


  • You need to install Mackup on all the systems you want to sync. Install Mackup on Ubuntu
     $ sudo pip install mackup
  • Backup settings in the workstation with base configuration
     $ mackup backup
  • Sync the settings on another device
     $ mackup restore
  • Revert any synced config file to its original state, and delete the Mackup folder in Dropbox
    $ mackup uninstall
  • Display the list of applications supported by Mackup
    $ mackup list
  • Get some help
    $ mackup -h

Webpage: Mackup

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