Kikujiro (1999)

Takeshi Kitano exemplifies how a seemingly ordinary movie with a predictable plot can be turned into a masterpiece. A long-faced runaway boy searching for his mother accompanied by a loud-mouthed elderly who spends most of his time manipulating and finding faults in others… who would have thought that it’s going to be more enjoyable than Sonatine? The beauty of suburban Japan magnifies it manifold. A low-budget adventure with minimal characters and a lot of fun in it – Kikujiro has it all! While the movie is predominantly humorous, there’s a mix of dark comedy, scary dream sequences visualized in the mind of an under 10 kid and his share of unfortunate realities in life. However, the movie is all about how the kid remembers a remarkable summer vacation with some strange characters and how it ends in happy memories. All the characters deliver strong performances. Kitano is one of the most acclaimed directors of today and this movie shows the amount of attention he gives to details in writing, direction and acting. Watch it for sheer entertainment and fun. My rating would be a 9/10.

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