Share huge files from the terminal 2

transfer_compThis is the follow-up to the earlier article with the same name. Here are some more services to upload files directly from the console:

wsend is the opposite of wget. Once an upload is complete, it will give you a link to the file.

To install wsend:

wget -O - | bash
alias wsend="~/.wsend/wsend"
chmod +x wsend

To upload a file:

./wsend file.txt

No registration or installation needed. To upload:

$ curl -T path/to/file will return the path to the file as payload it will show in the terminal.

Send any text file from anywhere to the service and it will send you back the link to the text. Particularly useful for debugging.

To send the text file:

$ cat test.txt |curl -F 'paste=<-'
$ df -h |curl -F 'paste=<-'

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