OneBox: store email attachments in the cloud

cloud_compSearching a particular attachment in a conversation of 15+ mails is more difficult than it sounds. Yes, even with Gmail! A new online service, OneBox, organizes and stores your email attachments in a cloud service of your choice so that you can still find them easily after a month.

Here’s how it works: Sign-in with a cloud service, add your email account details and let OneBox organize the rest for you. At the time of writing OneBox supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP email services. The cloud services where it can store the attachments are Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive. So it’s as good as linking your cloud service to your email service. You can access the organized attachments from any device with access to your cloud storage service.

The process is fully automated once you set it up. Regarding security OneBox claims – “All communication between your e-mail and your cloud drive is secure and fully encrypted. OneBox doesn’t access the content of your e-mails or attachments”.

Webpage: OneBox

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