Atraci: stream and listen to music from YouTube

Tired of going through registration, limitations and ads to listen to online music? Atraci might be the streaming music player you really want. It has a database of over 60 million songs (i.e. more than double that of iTunes). You do not need to sign up, the interface and stream are ad-free. Atraci doesn’t track your listening habits either.

Atraci searches YouTube for the best match (remember SMTube?) and plays the highest quality audio if there are multiple results. It fetches the song information like cover, title, artist etc. from iTunes, and SoundCloud. You can create your own playlists. It is a completely decentralized service. Atraci can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac. To download the software for your platform, head on to the home page.

Atraci does not allow any audio file downloads (unlike PMS). As you might have already guessed, it’s a completely legal way to listen to music.

You can download Atraci from its homepage.

Webpage: Atraci

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