Palm Note: useful smartphone note manager

palm_note_compPalm Note is a rich note manager with powerful features. It communicates with several web services in order to store or provide accurate information. It is easier to use on bigger screens and has a clean look and feel. Top features include:

  • Google Maps integration
  • Barcode scanner
  • Real-time note syncing across all devices
  • Built-in OCR to extract text from photos
  • Supports markdown
  • Supports Android (4.0+ and iOS 7+)
  • Free of cost


The devs should revisit certain areas to turn this into a winner.

  • Takes a long time to start up of a reasonably fast Android. The tagline claim “…built for speed” fails in results.
  • The bulk shows in the user experience. The apk is 16MB.
  • Needs Google or FB login before taking a single note! Holy crap!
  • Android apk has to be downloaded manually. Not available in Google Play yet.

However, if the features still seem useful to you and you have a powerful processor on your smartphone or tablet, I would recommend trying it out.

Webpage: Palm Note

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