Useful tools on Ubuntu (R)

ubuntu_logo_81x81This post covers the utilities those start with R. Part of the series.

  1. radare(-gtk, 2) (Development) : Advanced hexadecimal editor and reverse engineering tool.
  2. radiotray (Multimedia) : Simple music streaming player that lives on the system tray.
  3. rand (Utilities) : Write pseudo random numbers/characters to the standard output with different seeds.
  4. rapidsvn (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Graphical client for the Subversion revision control system (svn) providing an easy to use interface for Subversion features.
  5. rar (Utilities) : Archiver for .rar files.
  6. rarcrack (Utilities) : Uses a brute force algorithm to guess encrypted compressed file’s password. This program can crack zip,7z and rar file passwords.
  7. ratmenu (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Simple program that allows you to create X menus from the shell.
  8. rawdog (World Wide Web) : RSS Aggregator.
  9. razorqt (Meta Packages) : Lightweight desktop environment. A combination of Qt and LXDE.
  10. rdate (Networking) : Displays and sets the local date and time from the host name or address given as the argument. The time source may be an RFC 868 TCP protocol server, which is usually implemented as a built-in service of inetd(8), or an RFC 2030 protocol SNTP/NTP server.
  11. rdfind (Utilities) : Program to find duplicate files and optionally list, delete them or replace them with symlinks or hard links. It is a command line program written in c++.
  12. rdiff (Utilities) : diff and patch all rolled into one, with support for binary files. Can generate small deltas as patch to binary files.
  13. realpath (Utilities) : Converts each pathname argument to an absolute pathname, which has no components that are symbolic links or the special . or .. directory entries.
  14. reaver (Networking) : Performs a brute force attack against an access point’s WiFi Protected Setup pin number.
  15. recoll (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Desktop text search utility written in Qt.
  16. recordmydesktop (Graphics) : Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session.
  17. recoverdm (Utilities) : Recover disks with bad sectors. Recover files as well complete devices. In case if finds sectors which simply cannot be recoverd, it writes an empty sector to the outputfile and continues. While recovering a CD or a DVD if the program cannot read the sector in “normal mode”, it will try to read the sector in “RAW mode”
    (without error-checking etc.). This toolkit also has a utility called ‘mergebad’ which merges multiple images into one.
  18. recoverjpeg (Graphics) : Tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures and MOV movies (using recovermov) from a peripheral. This may be useful if you mistakenly overwrite a partition or if a device such as a digital camera memory card is bogus.
  19. redet (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Construct regular expressions and test them against input data by executing any of a variety of search programs, editors, and programming languages that make use of regular expressions. When a suitable regular expression has been constructed it may be saved to a file.
  20. redir (Networking) : A port redirector, used to forward incoming connections to somewhere else. Redirect traffic across firewalls authenticate based on an IP address etc. No need for the firewall toolkit. The functionality of inetd/tcpd and “redir” will allow you to do everything you need without telnet/ftp etc gateways. IP Masquerading must be used.
  21. redmine (World Wide Web) : Flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.
  22. rednotebook (Word Processing) : Graphical diary and journal to keep track of notes and thoughts throughout the day. It includes a calendar navigation, customisable templates for each day, and a keyword search and cloud.
  23. redshift(-gtk) (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Adjusts the color temperature of your screen.
  24. redsocks (Networking) : A daemon running on the local system, that will transparently tunnel any TCP connection via a remote SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy server. It uses the system firewall’s redirection facility to intercept TCP connections, thus the redirection is system-wide, with fine-grained control, and does not depend on LD_PRELOAD libraries.
  25. ree (System Administration) : ROM extension extractor (ree) is a tool which extracts ROM extensions from the firmware of a PC computer. It can also extract font data from video card ROMs.
  26. regexxer (Development) : GUI search/replace tool featuring Perl-style regular expressions.
  27. registry-tools, reglookup (Utilities) : View, query and manipulate Windows registry.
  28. remake (Development) : A patched version of GNU Make that adds improved error reporting, the ability to trace execution in a comprehensible way, and a debugger.
  29. remind (Utilities) : Sophisticated calendar and alarm program. Each reminder or alarm can consist of a message sent to standard output, or a program to be executed.
  30. renameutils (Utilities) : Programs to make file renaming easier. This package consists of five programs:
    qmv: allows file names to be edited in a text editor.
    imv: allows a file name to be edited in the terminal using the GNU Readline library.
    icp: copies files.
    qcp: works like qmv, but copies files instead of moving them.
    deurlname: removes URL encoded characters (such as %20 representing space) from file names.
  31. renrot (Graphics) : Renames files according the DateTimeOriginal and FileModifyDate EXIF tags, if they exist. Otherwise, the name will be set according to the current timestamp. Additionally, it rotates JPEG images and their thumbnails, using the Orientation EXIF tag.
  32. reptyr (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Utility for taking an existing running program and attaching it to a new terminal, and is particularly useful for moving a long-running process into a GNU screen session.
  33. resapplet (GNOME Desktop Environment) : A small applet to change screen resolution Uses xrandr.
  34. restartd (Utilities) : Daemon for checking running and not running processes.
  35. retext (Editors) : Simple text editor for Markdown and reStructuredText.
  36. rgbpaint (Graphics) : Simple pixel based painting program.
  37. rgxg (Utilities) : Command-line tool to generate regular expressions.
  38. rhash (Utilities) : Utility for computing hash sums and magnet links. Supports CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, AICH, ED2K, Tiger, DC++ TTH, BitTorrent BTIH, GOST R 34.11-94, RIPEMD-160, HAS-160, EDON-R, Whirlpool and Snefru.
  39. rhinote (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Virtual desktop sticky-notes.
  40. rifiuti(2) (Utilities) : A MS Windows recycle bin analysis tool.
  41. rig (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : A free replacement for a shareware program out there called ‘fake’. It generates random, yet real-looking, personal data. It is useful if you need to feed a name to a Web site, BBS, or real person, and are too lazy to think of one yourself. Also, if the Web site/BBS/person you are giving the information to tries to cross-check the city, state, zip, or area code, it will check out.
  42. rinetd (Networking) : Redirects TCP connections from one IP address and port to another, with basic IP-based access control.
  43. rkhunter (System Administration) : Rootkit Hunter scans systems for known and unknown rootkits, backdoors, sniffers and exploits. It checks for:
    – MD5 hash changes
    – files commonly created by rootkits
    – executables with anomalous file permissions
    – suspicious strings in kernel modules
    – hidden files in system directories
    and can optionally scan within files.
  44. rlplot (Mathematics) : GUI based program for displaying scientific data in standard formats. It has full support for all error-bar types and it has greater flexibility with displaying colour and texture in charts than gnuplot (filled bar chart boxes are possible without any additional programs). Output is generated on the X display where further changes can be made to the graph using point and click methods. Images can be exported as scalable vector graphics (SVG) as well as EPS, WMF and TIFF formats.
  45. rng-tools (Utilities) : Increases the bandwidth of the /dev/random device, from a source that does not depend on outside activity. It may also improve the quality
    (entropy) of the randomness of /dev/random.
  46. robojournal (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Cross-platform journal/diary tool written in Qt/C++. Right now, RoboJournal only supports MySQL but support for SQLite (and possibly Postgres) will be added in future releases. RoboJournal runs on Windows and Linux.
  47. roundup (World Wide Web) : a simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. It is based on the winning design from Ka-Ping Yee in the Software Carpentry “Track” design competition.
  48. rox-filer (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Simple graphical file manager for X11.
  49. roxterm (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Multi-tabbed GTK+/VTE terminal emulator.
  50. rpl (Utilities) : Text replacement utility. It will replace strings with new strings in multiple text files. It can work recursively over directories and supports limiting the search by file suffixes.
  51. rrep (Utilities) : Pattern replacement utility. It comes with support for regular expressions, recursive directory processing, backup, simulation and prompting. The replacement string may contain special characters to refer to portions of the matched pattern.
  52. rsnapshot (Utilities) : Filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems. Using rsync and hard links, it is possible to keep multiple, full backups instantly available. The disk space required is just a little more than the space of one full backup, plus incrementals.
  53. rsstail (Word Processing) : An rss reader: it monitors an rss-feed and if it detects a new entry it’ll emit only that new entry.
  54. rsync (Netowrking) : Fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool.
  55. rtgui , rtpg-www (World Wide Web) : Web based front-end for rTorrent.
  56. rtorrent (Networking) : BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. It uses ncurses and aims to be a lean, yet powerful BitTorrent client, with features similar to the most complex graphical clients.
  57. runlim (Utilities) : A tool for sampling time and memory usage of a program and its children using the proc file system of Linux. Time and space limits are also supported. It is very helpful for benchmarking and running competitions.
  58. rusers (Networking) : Produces output similar to who, but for the list of hosts or all machines on the local network.
  59. rush (Shells) : GNU Rush is a restricted shell designed for sites providing only limited access to resources for remote users. The main binary executable is configurable as a user login shell, intended for users that only are allowed remote login to the system at hand.
  60. rxvt(-unicode-256color) (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Lightweight terminal emulator.
  61. rzip (Utilities) : Compression program for large files.

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