DSLR: a mini distro with a difference

tux_compDSLR (Damn Small Linux Remake) is an independent distro that gives importance to functional software over the bleeding-edge. Though the name may remind of the Damn Small Linux distro which catered only to very old hardware (to the extent that it never updated its kernel beyond 2.4.x), DSLR is built from the scratch in-house. The distro is available in 4 flavours – both 32 and 64-bit for UEFI and BIOS (which fits it into our earlier article on Linux mini distros with UEFI support).

The sizes of all the flavours are around 100MB and they include many applications by default. After downloading the image of you need (from the home page), you can burn it or write it to a flash media using dd. Then, boot it – the graphical environment will be started automatically within a few seconds. The root password is root.

DSLR relies on older software those are functional and lightweight. For example, Ted is the text processor and Dillo is the browser. This makes it incredibly fast and eligible to run on older hardware. The 32-bit flavours are i686-optimized, but should work on i486 and above. DSLR can also work as a server.

Webpage: DSLR

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