blivet-gui: a new Fedora partition manager

Fedora gets a new partition manager which is going to replace good old GParted, an announcement in the Fedora forums just popped up. The new tool is named blivet-gui as it is based on the blivet python library (originally Anaconda’s storage management and configuration tool). A new partition manager was written as none of the existing GUI tools supports all the modern storage technologies. Anaconda supports all and thus it was chosen as the back-end for this new intuitive tool. The application is only a few months old but is already quite useful. Features like RAID and BTRFS support are being worked on.

The GUI is greatly inspired by GParted and the way tasks are done too. For example, all the tasks are completed in one go after the user queues them one by one. But blivet-gui supports sequences and scenarios like the following:

  • Create 10GB partition sda1, create a LUKS device on top of it and use the LUKS device as a PV for a VG called “dataVG” with a single LV “data” occupying half of the VG space and with XFS on top of the LV in one go. Support for these operations supersedes only partitioning and file system operations of GParted.
  • Run blivet-gui with the --kickstart option and export the partitioning portion of a kickstart file instead of committing changes to disk.
  • Any application using any toolkit with the XEmbed protocol support (Gtk, Qt,…) may use blivet-gui as a part of its GUI.

Current features:

  • Visualisation of storage devices.
  • Creating, editing (resizing and formatting) and deleting of disk partitions.
  • Creating LVM2 Physical Volumes (including LUKS encryption), Volume Groups and Logical Volumes.
  • Special option to create kickstart file for Anaconda installer.

Use the following commands to install and run blivet-gui on Fedora:

$ su -c "dnf copr enable vtrefny/blivet-gui && dnf install blivet-gui"
$ su -c "blivet-gui"

Webpage: blivet-gui

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