Why Can’t I Connect? analyze TCP/IP connection problems

Do you use traceroute or ping often to check connectivity problems? Here’s a GUI based tool that can show you detailed information on TP?IP connectivity issues and suggest solutions – Why Can’t I Connect? (WCIC). It is written in C++ on wxWidgets framework, so it is multiplatform. It works by tracing a TCP/IP connection and can show you the information at a higher level or as raw binary data. Features:

  • Network debugging
  • Network diagnostics
  • Email connection debugging
  • Database connection debugging
  • LDAP connection debugging
  • Internet relay chat (IRC) connection debugging
  • Usenet connection debugging
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Tracing through a TCP/IP connection process
  • Displays descriptions, error codes and possible solutions
  • Connect to a common server like Microsoft SQL server or MySQL server
  • Supported protocols include FTP, SFTP, IMAP, POP3, IRC, SMTP, LDAP and Usenet
  • Supports Linux, Windows
  • Free and open source

You can download the latest deb or RPM packages from the project’s SourceForge downloads page.

Webpage: Why Can’t I Connect?

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