nvPY: Simplenote syncing note manager

Simplenote user looking for a client on Linux? You’re in luck! nvPY is an unofficial Simplenote client for Linux.

  • Maintains its own database on disk, syncs with Simplenote on start-up
  • Does all syncing by itself in the background
  • Can edit the same note simultaneously in nvP as well as the web interface
  • Works on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Free and open source

To install on Ubuntu,

$ sudo apt-get install nvpy

or, for the latest version

$ sudo pip install nvpy

To setup nvPY, create a file called .nvpy.cfg in your home directory and add the following:

sn_username = your_simplenote_username
sn_password = your_simplenote_password

Webpage: nvPY

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