Mailpile: your emails on your devices

In one of our earlier articles we wrote about ProtonMail, which is a Swiss-hosted email service that vouches by 0-snooping. Mailpile is a fresh initiative to take back email privacy by making the mailserver private. The idea is to avoid saving email data on any third-party hosted server. To do that, Mailpile offers self-hosted mailbox support. At the time of writing Mailpile is in Alpha 2 stage. Bjarni Einarsson is the leader of the project. Currently projected features are:

  • Efficient search and tagging to handle millions of mails
  • Fast and responsive design
  • Store mails on your devices
  • OpenPGP signatures and encryption are built into Mailpile, even search index is encrypted
  • No ads
  • You can even store your mail on a USB stick
  • Free and open source

Update (13 Sep 2014): Mailpile beta is released but without a native package for Linux (what a shame!). For instructions to compile Mailpile from source and install it on Debian or Ubuntu based distros head here.

Webpage: Mailpile

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