Share huge files from the terminal

transfer_compThere are many web services to share large files. We explored some of those is an earlier article. Here are some services those allow uploading files from the terminal. Both of them use curl to upload.

  • Drag any file to the website and get the link in return.
  • Upload large files.
  • Create an alias in .bashrc to upload files
    transfer() { curl --upload-file ./$1$1; }
    alias transfer=transfer

    Upload a file using

    $ transfer hello.txt
  • Files can be download maximum 20 times to prevent abuse.
  • Link remains live for 2 weeks.

The major drawback of is that you need to open the browser to get a link for file upload.

  • Share files either encrypted or non-encrypted.
  • Uses gpg for encryption.
  • You need to open the website to generate the command to upload.┬áThis is necessary because the unique key is generated beforehand and there is no dedicated client side software. Paste the file path in the text box and the console below will show the generated command. Works for both secure and insecure mode.
  • Maximum file size is 5 GB and is deleted in 4 hours.

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