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terminalThis article is the continuation of the earlier article to record a terminal session as an animated gif image. I found some more services which make it very easy to record your terminal activities and share with friends or for future reference.


Asciinema was inspired by script. Record terminal and share online with friends. You can copy and paste text from the recordings. On the downside, it lets you watch the video online only and if you need more control like embed or delete you need to create an account.

  • To install on Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:zanchey/asciinema
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install asciinema

    To install on other distros check the instructions.

  • Start the recording
    $ asciinema rec
  • Press ^D or type exit to finish recording
  • The app will ask whether to upload the video. Press y. If you don’t you will not have any local copy. Once the upload is complete it will show you the link to the video.
  • If you have an account (which you need to create from the webpage) you can then authenticate and have more control on the video:
    $ asciinema auth


Monitor is the newest tool in this list. The recordings are uploaded to You can also download the scripts (check the installation step).

  • The easiest way to install on Ubuntu is to install using a captured script
    $ curl
  • To use Monitor you need to have an account on
  • Usage is simaple
    $ monitor {-d} {-h} {-u }
        -d : do not delete /tmp files
        -h : help
        -u : username

    For example:

    $ monitor -u myusername


Showterm is a Ruby tool that follows a similar philosophy as the previous two. There are options to provide the playing speed (slow or fast) in the embeddable link URL.

  • Install on Ubuntu (in case you do not have Ruby). Check for other option here.
    $ curl > ~/bin/showterm
    $ chmod +x ~/bin/showterm
  • Run showterm
    $ showterm
    //or if you haven't installed showterm
    $ bash <(curl
  • Type exit ot ^D to end recording. Showterm will upload the video and show you the link to the video.


TermRecord save your recording locally as a sel-contained html file and you can replay it in your browser. It doesn’t have any corresponding web service to upload the recordings. TermRecord comes with several templates for the generated html files. You an play around with them. TermRecord also depends on script, term.js, Ubuntu Mono font and Jinja2.

  • The easiest way to install it is
    $ sudo apt-get install python-pip
    $ sudo pip install TermRecord
    $ TermRecord -o /path_to_output/record.html


Run ttyrec, record your session and upload the .tty file to PLAYterm. It will play the recording in a beautiful embedded player. Share the link with your friends or embed on your website.

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