The Lego Movie (2014)

It’s quite a while that I watched any animation so I settled with The Lego Movie. Though it’s a slow beginner for an animation with some cliché quotes I hanged on. To my surprise, the movie turned out to be quite an interesting one. As it’s a movie about lego people in a lego world The Lego Movie didn’t really need any state of the art animation. I didn’t find the movie as entertaining as Wreck-It Ralph but it set the theme with an emotional touch instead. The concept is similar to that in World on a Wire but this movie stresses on something different – the need for changes. This movie should help individuals who accept their life to be a recurring plot of constant incidents. Changes are important in life and The Lego Movie points it out well. You may also find your favourite superhero in this animation ;). A good watch for all ages. My rating would be 8/10.

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