GitBook: write, publish your books on Git

GitBook is an ebook writing and publishing service associated with the GitBook Editor project, also hosted on GitHub. Users can either write the books online or use the desktop client. The client has a clean look & feel and almost distraction-free interface which definitely helps writing. The main features of GitBook (Editor) are:

  • GitHub integration and hence inherent version control support.
  • Write and publish directly through GitHub.
  • Publish and update books easily using Git or the editor.
  • Books are readable on the Amazon Kindle, Nook and other readers (PDF, ePub, Mobi).
  • Responsive layout. Device form factor is irrelevant.
  • Books are written using the markdown syntax. Asciidoc and Tex support to be added soon.
  • Multiplatform. Works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Webpage: GitBook

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