How to remove file metadata

scissors_compMetadata is data about data. There are several reasons you may want to remove metadata from files, e.g., to protect your location or even identity. Almost all modern cameras or mobile cameras store (exif) metadata embedded in the image which is unknowingly shared with others when you share images with them. The way to prevent it is to remove the metadata. We will explore some ways to remove the metadata on Linux. Each of the the solutions support many filetypes.

  • exiftool
    Present in major distros by default. Runs from the cmdline and lightweight. Supports various file formats.
    Run the following to install on Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get-install libimage-exiftool-perl
  • Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
    Supports various file types such as images, open doc formats, pdf, archive, audio and torrents. It comes with a GUI as well.
    Run the following to install on Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get install mat
  • Metadata Extraction Tool
    Supports images, document formats, audio-video, markup languages and Internet files. Download the latest binary, make it executable and run.

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