Create a custom application link in LXPanel

lxdeIf you are a Lubuntu or LXDE desktop environment fan, at one point or other you might have wanted to add an LXPanel launcher for an application which is distributed as a binary or as an archive (i.e. not the standard installation). However, it is rather tricky if you don’t know where to add what. This article is meant to be a small how-to on adding a custom app link in LXPanel. We will add a link to Pale Moon browser which is distributed as an archive. The archive is extracted in /opt. Steps:

  1. Edit ~/.config/lxpanel/LXDE/panels/panel. Look for the Plugin type = launchbar section and add a link to the palemoon.desktop file (which we will create in the next step).
    Plugin {
     type = launchbar
     Config {
      Button {
  2. Create a new file /usr/share/applications/palemoon.desktop as root and add the following in it:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment= Browse internet

    You will need to adjust the entries for a different application.

  3. Logout and login and the new icon should show in LXPanel now.

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