plowshare: auto-download from hosting sites

cool_penguin_smallDo you download from or upload to file hosting sites (or file sharing sites) like rapidshare, mediafire etc. regularly? plowshare might be the right tool for you to automate the process. plowshare doesn’t have any GUI. You can use it just like wget. Features:

  • Download, upload, manage remote directories, link deletion, probe a file to get information.
  • supports 70+ different hosters. Check the README for supported sites as well as how to begin using plowshare.
  • A small footprint (few shell scripts). No java, no python! Run fast on embedded devices!
  • Few dependencies and portable. bash and curl are enough for most hosters.
  • Modules (hoster plugins) are simple to write using plowshare API.
  • Support for automatic online captcha solver services.
  • Supports Linux/BSD/Unix.

Run the following commands to install plowshare on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plowsharepackagers/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install plowshare

Usage examples:

  • Download a file
    $ plowdown URL
  • Upload a file to a website where you have account
    $ plowup mediafire filename
  • List contents of a remote directory
    $ plowlist URL
  • Check file information like name, size, checksum etc.
    $ plowprobe URL

Webpage: plowshare

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