mosh: SSH alternative for weak and roaming connections

A shell to stay connected all the time!

Have you ever tried to use SSH over a dodgy connection dropping every now and then? It’s quite difficult to concentrate on what you are doing because of the repeated failures to connect to the remote box. Enter mosh (mobile shell) – a remote terminal application that specifically cares about mobile connections with high latency. mosh is an MIT product and is developed primarily by Keith Winstein with contribution from few other developers. Features:

  • Allows roaming. Stay connected even if your IP address changes.
  • Supports intermittent connectivity. If your internet connection drops, or you put your laptop to sleep, mosh will warn you but will resume connectivity when you are connected again.
  • Instantly responds to typing without lags.
  • You can run mosh as a regularĀ user. mosh is not a daemon either. It runs as a remote server and connections are done over UDP. The authentication mechanism remains the same as SSH.
  • Supports UTF-8 characters only (and hence Unicode also). Runs on any commonly used terminal just like SSH.
  • UDP-based protocol handles packet loss gracefully, and sets the frame rate based on network conditions. mosh doesn’t fill up network buffers, so Control-C always works to halt a runaway process.
  • Dependencies on common packages installed by default on major distros.
  • Intelligent local echo support.
  • Line editing of user keystrokes
  • Multiplatform. Works on Linux, Cygwin, OSX and Android.

Configuration and usage of mosh is well-explained in its home page.

Webpage: mosh

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