Free edX Linux course starting 01 Aug, 2014

Linux is the most widely used open source operating system today. It runs on a wide range of hardware from smartphones (80%+) to supercomputers (94%) at the time of writing. A overwhelming amount of material is available on the internet to learn Linux by yourself but not everyone has the patience to do so. Here’s your chance to join a standard free course on Linux being offered by edX. The usual fee for the Linux course from The Linux Foundation is $2400 but the edX course charges you nothing.

tux_compThe course will be covering Linux for experienced computer users with no prior exposure to Linux. In addition to the basic introduction, tools and techniques used by programmers, sys-admins and regular users will be explored. The intention is to develop a good working knowledge of Linux from both the GUI and CLI. The duration of the course will be anywhere between 40 to 60 hours.

If your commitments are blocking you from joining all the workshops and lectures, you can also audit the course. Here’s the FAQ for common questions you may have regarding this course. You may also do a certification from edX to flaunt the course in your professional profile.

The course will be conducted by Jerry Cooperstein, PhD, with 20 years of experience in Linux training both in the kernel and userspace. So you are in good hands! If you are joining the course, make sure you have a Linux box ready for the hands-on. Here’s a guide from The Linux Foundation to help you with that.

Enroll for the course.

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