WorldTimeBuddy: visually compare timezones

wtb_compIf you are working with colleagues across multiple timezones, you will find yourself checking the time in other timezones more often than you think. At some point it gets annoying, specially when more than two timezones are involved. WorldTimeBuddy can save you a lot of pain.

Checking the time in another city or scheduling cross timezone meetings had never been easier.

WorldTimeBuddy is a timezone/world clock converter and well as a meeting scheduler. It is intuitively designed to compare time between multiple zones at a single glance. It has a few but useful features that makes finding out the time in several other timezones very easy:

  • Type and add multiple timezones. The free version allows comparing up to 4 timezones together. You can also remove, set home location and reorder the timezones.
  • Clean GUI that shows 24 hours in consecutive rows for each zone.
  • Hover on hours to convert time at a glance.
  • Click on a set of hours to schedule a meeting.
  • Create events, set duration and share in Outlook/iCal format or using Gmail to Google Calendar.
  • Create an account for free if you want to save the settings for future.
  • Overlay Google Calendar to find open slots (enable via Settings).
  • Android and iOS apps available.

Webpage: WorldTimeBuddy

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