Play chess online with friends or engines

chessLooking for a good chess website to play with friends or practice against powerful chess engines but do not want to create a permanent account? Here are two good options for you.


You have options to play with friends or against the powerful chess engine Stockfish. You can also post seeks or accept seeks from others. If you want to play against a friend create a game and send him/her the link to join the game. Each game is unique and you can replay later. You can also adjust the strength of the stockfish engine when initiating a game against machine. The interface is clean and distraction free. You can chat with opponet while playing.


A better interface on mobile than lichess. Allows downloading the game in PGN format. No chat option. The service is probably down.


Shredder is a powerful game playing and analysis engine. You can play against Shredder online in its website. There are three difficulty levels to choose from. As additional perks you can solve various chess problems or learn from endgame and opening databases.

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