Trunx: unlimited* storage for photos and videos

Exclusive cloud storage for multimedia is trending. These services offer several features specifically tailored for multimedia. My personal opinion is using one of these services helps keep files well organized and enjoy multimedia better.

Flickr does offer 1TB for free for your photos (only photos!) and it’s as good as unlimited for normal usage but let’s face the truth – no one takes snaps using webcams anymore. It was a major drawback when Flickr introduced 1TB for all. It’s the smartphone era and it’s handy. Recently Flickr has introduced apps for Android and iPhone but there is no easy way to migrate your photos from other services to Flickr. Another interesting service is QVIVO which offers unlimited multimedia storage and direct download to the cloud. This service takes a social approach.


Today I came across Trunx, launched officially on Jun 26, 2014. Trunx is for both photos and videos and targets smartphone users. Features:

  • Unlimited storage if you sign up by the end of 2014.
  • Apps available for iOS and Android.
  • Take photos, videos and EchoPix (photos with sound) and store them in the cloud.
  • Automatic timelined organization. You can also view everything in a calendar or organize stuff using tags.
  • Backup photos from the phone, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and other services.
  • Comes with Windows and Mac desktop uploaders to sync photos from your desktop.
  • Create collaborative albums with selected friends and family using SharedPix.
  • No down-sampling of images.

Webpage: Trunx

2 thoughts on “Trunx: unlimited* storage for photos and videos”

  1. How safe it is to use Trunx ?
    To put in other words, how can I trust that my content is locked only for me ?

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