QVIVO: free unlimited cloud media storage

QVIVO is a new storage service that offers unlimited cloud media storage. It is still in beta but is smooth and gorgeous! One of the interesting features is the support for magnet links and it makes QVIVO one of the first services to offer this capability for free. QVIVO follows a social approach and you can invite or make new friends in this cloud based service. Features at a glance:

  • Free, unlimited storage with 5 hrs of streaming per month (for free users). Invite 5 friends each month to unlock unlimited streaming.
  • Enjoy it in your browser. Android and Apple apps available too.
  • Upload videos, music and photos. QVIVO will convert all media content for streaming.
  • Upload or paste magnets, links for Dropbox, web links or just drop the files to upload.
  • Movies, TV shows and music auto-organized with artwork.

Webpage: QVIVO

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