Create an encrypted password protected USB pen drive

cool_penguin_smallWell, the article applies for disks as well but I thought carrying an encrypted password protected USB pen drive is quite cool. We will do it the simple way using Ubuntu so note the following before proceeding:

  • Ubuntu will use LUKS and ext4 filesystem so the contents cannot be accessed from Windows.
  • You can access it from Ubuntu (obviously) and on other Linux systems where you have LUKS packages installed.

In my case I want to use the pen drive to carry around sensitive data among my systems only (otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose if I open up important data just on anyone’s system). So the above 2 notes are not my problem. If you are still game, read on. Steps:

  • Connect the pen drive and run gnome-disks
  • Select the pen drive from the devices list
  • Select Settings icon (2 gears one) ▸ Format
  • In the next pop-up window
    Erase: Don’t overwrite existing data (Quick)
    Type: Encrypted, compatible with Linux systems (LUKS + Ext4)
    Name: anything
    Passphrase: password you want to use
  • Select Format

That’s it! Once the process completes, you’ll have a pen drive which can be opened only with a password.

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