Framapad Lite: collaborative rich editor

Framapad Lite is the online deployment of the collaborative editor Etherpad. It is possible to install Etherpad locally but an online service makes collaborative editing with your friends or colleagues super easy. Framapad Lite is not as feature rich as Microsoft Word but it is more powerful than Word Pad. Features:

  • On-screen chat
  • Changes made by each author is shown in different colors to easily identify
  • Import documents from or export to different formats like HTML, PDF etc.
  • Use Timeslider to play the version history and get back to any past version
  • In case the interface is showing in French for you, change it from the Setings button. The last entry is the Language.
  • Share and embed a pad

I couldn’t find any way to password protect a document and the software silently takes auto-backups. So be careful about entering sensitive data.

Webpage: Framapad Lite, PiratePad, MoPad

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