DuckDuckGo adds cool features

DuckDuckGo is already quite popular but if you haven’t heard about it, it is an anonymous web search engine. Unlike Google, it doesn’t track you and the interface is clutter-free. Recently DuckDuckGo has added some interesting features to cater to specific types of searches:

  • Auto-suggest – See suggested search results as you type your search term.
  • Redesign – Less clutter and default, classic or dark theme options.
  • Images and videos – Always available on search results page via a carousel.
  • Places – Find local places of interest.
  • Meanings – Better search for ambiguous words.
  • Recipes – Search for cooking recipes.
  • Weather – Get instant weather forecasts.
  • Answers – Answers to your questions.

Here’s the procedure to add it to the Firefox search bar.

Webpage: DuckDuckGo

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