4Pane: Q-Dir for Linux

4Pane is a very powerful quad-pane file manager.

If you’ve ever used Q-Dir on Windows you already know how useful a quad-pane file manager is for power users. I was looking for a similar file browser on Linux with quad panes so that I can access multiple directories at once. Tabbed interface helps to some extent but I don’t like that extra click to select a new tab every time. 4Pane along with its nice looks and features is the closest to what I want. Currently it is available for Linux but seeing that it is written using wxWidgets I guess it can easily support Windows too. And yes, it supports tabs as well. Feature highlights:

  • Multi-pane, detailed-list file manager without bloat
  • Up to 26 four-pane tabs with unique orientation in each
  • Navigation made easier with bookmarks, user-defined GoTo buttons, and a history of “Recently-visited directories”
  • Integrated console
  • Drag and drop copy, move
  • Almost every action like deletion can be undone
  • Normal tar and zip handling. Most archive types can be browsed, their contents altered, individual files read or launched; all without opening the archive.
  • Automatically mount external devices and access easily from the corresponding toolbar icons
  • Multi-renaming or duplication of files, either by prepending / appending, incrementing or using Regular Expressions.
  • Extend using your own User-Defined Tools
  • Highly configurable – use different shortcuts, consoles

Packages for many distros are available for download. If you are still unlucky you may need to compile 4Pane from source and install it.

Webpage: 4Pane

5 thoughts on “4Pane: Q-Dir for Linux”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m a Q-Dir user myself who also uses Nautilus on Linux. I used Q-Dir to get features I found on Nautilus but not on Windows Explorer (mainly tabs and panes) but since they removed the split pane feature from version 3.6 I’m thinking of switching from Nautilus to another file manager.
    I’m going to try 4Pane, SpaceFM, and PCMan to see which one suits me the best.

        1. Just a personal preference… The UI looks more organized in case of PCManFM. However, each of these file managers have their own strengths so which one you choose depends on what your requirements are :).

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