Maui: finally a Linux distro with Wayland!

Maui is a new Arch based Linux distro with the Hawaii desktop environment. Hawaii uses the much discussed Wayland display server and Qt. Maui is available for 64-bit architecture only which makes sense given the fact that it attempts to be a next generation OS taking advantage of the bleeding-edge technologies in Linuxland. At the time of writing the ISO is just 287MB in size. It can be installed and run from a USB pen drive. The desktop is minimal and clean and the OS includes the regular Gnome applications.

Maui is the first Linux distro to feature Wayland as the default display server.

Maui claims to be a dynamic, flicker free and fast system, characteristics which it naturally inherits from Arch. The user interface is responsive, which means it is designed to adapt to the device it is running on. When running on a mobile, you can use applications those can adapt to the screen resolution and are touch enabled. Another interesting feature of Maui is the ability to rollback to a previous working state, or snapshot.

You’ll find the instructions to run from USB in the download page. Why not test-drive it and see for yourself?

Webpage: Maui

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