gFTP: graphical FTP client for Linux

For those who use FileZilla client to transfer files, gFTP is a lighter alternative. It is powerful enough to honour your regular needs and is available on almost all Linux distros because of its minimal dependency on other modules. Straight to the features:

  • Multithreaded transfers
  • Familiar and easy to use interface. Lightweight and responsive.
  • Written in C and has a text interface and a GTK+ 1.2/2.x interface
  • Supports the FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and FSP protocols
  • FTP and HTTP proxy server support
  • Supports FXP file transfers (transferring files between 2 remote servers via FTP)
  • Supports UNIX, EPLF, Novell, MacOS, VMS, MVS and NT (DOS) style directory listings
  • Bookmarks menu to quickly connect to remote sites
  • Open source and free

Webpage: gFTP

6 thoughts on “gFTP: graphical FTP client for Linux”

  1. I wish I had known this a day sooner – I introduced a youngster to FTP yesterday and rather than download FileZilla we used the command line FTP.

    1. That also keeps gFTP leaner ;). Jokes apart, I wouldn’t recommend using gFTP to transfer critical data. But it can always be a lightweight friend in need.

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