Her (2013)

In case you have watched Kubrick’s timeless 2001: A Space Odyssey you have already watched Her, except for the fact that it’s the future from today’s frame. I think Kubrick’s creation was frighteningly real. While Her is quiet interesting at times, the storyline is a bit slow because it runs on an exceptionally lonely and closed man’s life. The movie is quiet prurient in its dialogues and Scarlett Johansson’s sexy accent leaves nothing left to imagination. Call it the larger than life Siri or Iris ;). The rating on IMDB is very high (seems overrated to me) but there are many reasons viewers may have liked the movie – this kind of a movie is made once in a while and this is a bloody techno-bath, artificial intelligence is still not a very familiar concept and it is evident throughout that talented Spike Jonze has paid attention to every minute details. Joaquin Phoenix is phenomenal as Theodore. I couldn’t help but wonder how different this character is from that of Commodus in Gladiator and how naturally Phoenix plays both! Though the end of the movie is predictable it has been deliberately made longer and emotionally rich. Her is worth watching at least for a fresh experience. My rating would be 7.8/10.

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