ungit: the easiest way to Git!


Git is a very advanced version control system and using Git can be tricky if you are new to it. ungit is a great aid in spending less time in learning Git than in actual development. It is a web-based application that uses node.js. IMHO it is also a very helpful utility to learn Git visually first than jumping into the cmdline with Git. The video above gives a quick overview of how ungit can help you stay off the cmdline to use Git. The visual representations of the probable actions are simply brilliant!

ungit is multiplatform and tightly integrated with GitHub. It has a plugin based architecture so it can be extended easily to support other source control services those support Git.

You need node.js, npm (comes with node.js) and git to use ungit. Necessary instructions to use ungit are given in the ungit GitHub page (link below).

Webpage: ungit

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