SliTaz 5.0 RC-1 released

slitazSliTaz is back from its 2+ years old hiatus and announced version 5.0 RC-1 (Release Candidate 1) today. SliTaz 4.0 was released on Apr 10, 2012 and development was almost at a standstill for a while. But things are looking brighter now and hopefully version 5.0 is round the corner once RC-1 gets well tested.

5.0 RC-1 includes many bug fixes and features a new look. The size of the ISO is 40MB. SliTaz has always been more usable than other Linux mini distros (like TinyCore Linux) because it ships with the LXDE desktop environment which is very matured. As always, it supports even the oldest i386 hardware. SliTaz is traditionally for BIOS but I have published an article recently on how to run it on a UEFI machine.

Grab a copy and have fun with a tiny yet fully usable desktop Linux distro! Try it on a VM or from USB or install it on your old rig.

SliTaz needs funds to sustain. If you want to donate to this fascinating project, SliTaz has started a fundraiser campaign in 2014.

Webpage: SliTaz

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