NetHogs: monitor per process network traffic

NetHogs shows the real-time network bandwidth usage on an interface by process. It is a useful tool for those situations when you want to know – who is using all my bandwidth? Currently NetHogs supports the following:

  • Shows TCP download and upload speed per process
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supports both Ethernet and PPP

NetHogs has to be run with root privileges and target interface name as parameter. If no interface name is provided, NetHogs tries eth0. Example usage:

$ sudo nethogs wlan0

Default refresh rate is update per second. It can be controlled by using the -d option:

-d seconds

There are some interactive controls to change the display or quit:

m : cycle between display modes (kb/s, kb, b, mb)
r : sort by 'received'
s : sort by 'sent'
q : quit

Webpage: NetHogs

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